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Abrasion resistant solutions

We provide complete solutions in wear-resistant and high yield strength steels. Our processing capacity and the skill of our teams ensure the delivery of ready-to-use parts, fitting your needs precisely.


The largest range of specialty steel solutions in the market.
  • CREUSABRO 8000 and CREUSABRO 4800
  • Abramax, Dillidur, Dillidur Impact, Duretal, ROC
  • Cobranox, Abracorr, Cor-Ten A
  • Dillimax, IMEX
  • Abratube


  • Recycling
  • Steel industry
  • Mines and quarries
  • Cement works
  • Handling
  • Lifting and transportation
  • Civil engineering
  • Sugar refining
  • Agricultural machines
  • Paper mills

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